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Perimeter Institute – Waterloo
In Waterloo, Ontario, there’s a “think tank” focused solely on exploring the fundamental laws of space, time and matter – how our universe works at the most basic level. Einstein would have loved it here.
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Walk through Compuware Corporation’s 15-story global headquarters in the heart of downtown Detroit and your first observation will likely be how illumination permeates the immense space, conveying a sense of clarity, strength and confidence.
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Too, Inc.
When Too, Inc. of New Albany, Ohio began making plans to build a new headquarters, the main goal was to give its fashion industry associates a great environment to work in. it’s what any employee deserves, but the 375+ associates of Too were especially deserving.
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Centre for Interactive Research on Sustainability University of British Columbia
CIRS has been established to accelerate sustainability by quickly finding effective solutions to the challenges of urban development. This living laboratory demonstrates the University of British Columbia's commitment to leadership in sustainability through research and innovation. The center is driven by three criteria - to be smart, humane, and green.
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Haworth Integrated palette
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Featured Project
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